The Thai population is composed of wide range of different ethnic groups. Thailand's inhabitants have been able to integrate foreign influences in their own way of life. They live in harmony and respect for each other, for generations. You live in harmony and respect for each other, for generations. The Respect for the elderly characteristics of social dealing of the thai are but also the respect for the more senior one. The society in different directions such as architectural buildings, languages, clothes, professions and least kitchen diversity developed characterised by the ancient tradition. Thais are a people with high craftsmanship. We see this often make as many beautiful murals, frescoes and decorations in the temples.

             Thailand and its natural beauty are world-famous. Earlier we travelled into the country to enjoy the beauty of the charming landscape. Today it is curious and would like to discover land and away the tourist paths. See, experience and enjoy in the foreground.

             In this form of travel are fairy. You see what is the Thai countryside. Where people come bring their everyday life smile and mood contrary. How earlier in the morning with the first sunlight get up, the food for the Bettelmönche prepare their work later on the Reisfeld or work on vegetable plantation. Women can stay at home and are lighter activities. You will experience how life can be but otherwise.





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